tv  & social content production guide


Planning to get your message ONTO TELEVISION OR SOCIAL MEDIA?


This quick guide helps prepare a brief


We need to know about your business to develop a script for the
vision and voiceover in your commercial. First we need you to
describe your business in a few words, provide a contact number,
your website, business address and suburb. Maybe suggest a local landmark to help customers locate your business.


Do you need a 5, 15 for 30 second content?

Short content works best for social media. 15 and 30 second
duration are common for linear television advertising.

It’s best communicating just the one, clear idea in a
fifteen second commercial; or no more than two products
with prices. In thirty seconds you can provide more information
about your brand and services; or advertise three or four
products with prices.


Let’s get a little more in depth


What are you wanting to achieve with your television advertising?

Brand awareness?

Promote a specific product or service?

Advertise a sales event or reduced prices of products or services?


Who do you think is the target audience for your commercial?

For example; young females, construction industry, or just anyone with money!


Brand consistency is very important

Be ready to supply us with examples of your brochures, newspaper or radio advertising. Using a similar style or design helps your television and social content support your existing marketing.


Do you have any other suggestions for your commercial?

Hard sell? Serious? Amusing? Just present the information?

What is your voiceover preference? Male? Female? Mature? Young?

Ready to go? Complete the "Tell Us About Your Content Project" form  below to send a brief to KIK DIGITAL.



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