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Motion Graphics & Animation


Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or services using clear text and animation.


  • Creative strategy and script.

  • Up to ten hours of design, editing, colour grade and audio post.

  • Music, titles and graphics.

  • Two revisions.

  • Five working day turnaround.

  • Up to two minutes duration.

  • High resolution mp4 video master suitable to upload to YouTube and Facebook.

Start production of your animated explainer at the special KIK Start pricing of $2,000 (includes gst)

For customised explainer videos of varying durations or with unique design requirements we can tailor a competitively priced package.


The motion graphic designers at KIK DIGITAL combine pictures, sound, vision and text in creative and exciting ways to create engaging content for social media and broadcast television.


Advanced techniques in graphic design, animation and typography work together to help clearly communicate client messages.


Many successful television commercials use motion graphic design techniques. 


From concept to vibrant video, KIK DIGITAL manages the creation of 2D and 3D projects completely in-house.

From creative concept through to design, modelling, rigging, animation, colour grading and audio post-production.


Bring your product or service to life for web, social media and broadcast television.


KIK DIGITAL develops the concept, provides story board, character and scene drafts before animating with flair and style.

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